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  • Why should I have my car wrapped instead of painted?
    Wrapping your vehicle is a more cost effective way of changing the look and colour of your vehicle, it even provides finishes that paint cannot match. It can also always be removed which helps when selling as you keep the original colour of your vehicle and there is no risk of you devaluing it.
  • Can anything be wrapped?
    Most things can be wrapped yes. However wrap material will only ever stick to panels that are coated with primer or paint. The vinyl needs these coatings so that it has something to adhere to. Otherwise it will fail and may not last very long.
  • Is window tint applied on the inside of outside of my vehicle?
    Window tint & Chameleon tint is always fitted to the inside of your vehicle. Although 90% of the install is done on the outside of the glass. It will always be installed on the inside. Don’t let anyone fool you otherwise!
  • Can I wash my wrapped vehicle the same way as any other vehicle?
    The simple the answer to this is no. We would recommend hand washing only and using car cleaning products that are PH neutral. This will help the life of the wrap to last a lot longer and not cause it to become discoloured or cloudy. Remember, this is a big sticker!
  • How long do you need my vehicle for to complete a full wrap?
    This can vary from project to project. Typically we would need your vehicle for 4-5 working days. However if the job is bigger or more complex then we may require it for some additional time. This will always be made aware to you upon booking and confirmation.
  • What materials do you use?
    We use a range of high quality materials giving you plenty of options to choose from! Brands include; Hexis, 3M, Teckwrap, Avery Dennison, Oracal and many more.
  • How long does a wrap last?
    A wrap can last for a range of 1-7 years. This is all dependant on the supplier you choose your vinyl from and how well you look after it! It is all dependant on so many different factors. We will always discuss this with you in advance.
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